Sonar Mastering // References





Scotty Candlish


  • "Louis at Sonar Mastering brings your songs to life with full clarity, brightness and ensures the most reliable sound is produced. A quick and efficient turnover rate delivers you a desired sound for your tracks."


Chris Zoupa - PRS Artist/Seventh Dan Counterforce/YouTube


  • "After working with jimi Wyatt at ginger studios we took my song mixes as far as they could be taken. Jimi said "We have to get this mastered with Louis". Louis mastering added fatness and clarity to the high ends of chords and leads to the fat riffs of my low tuned 7 string. I'm hoping to work with Louis again in late 2015"


Danna Yun "Pekoe"


  • "Louis is a wonderful engineer who works with consistency and quality. He really understands what the artist wants and what the music needs. Skilled, helpful, and also a great guy!​"


Kevin Mahon "BTDKYD"


  • "There's a reason we sent our project half way around the world to be mastered!

    Recorded in Austin, TX, Mixed in Los Angeles, CA, Mastered by Louis at Sonar Mastering in Melbourne.

    Sonar is the quintessential example of quality and service."